All Roads Lead To The Pits

All Roads Lead To The Pits
homemade deodorant without baking sodaSoothing, yet effective, this natural homemade deodorant stick works without baking soda nor coconut oil, and uses zinc to help combat odors for those with sensitive skin. Also, I think the mixture should still work without the solid state (that's just the beeswax) since it's rubbed into the skin. I should note that I am referring to essential oil, which is much stronger, than say a flavoring or aroma oil is. Before I found this, I tried pretty much every natural commercial product (the crystal stick , natural brands like this , and sprays like this ) Everything made me breakout. The coconut oil soothes the skin and works as a natural fungus and bacteria fighter. I'm considering switching to either kokum or shea butter from my usual coconut oil based bodycare, but I'm not quite whether or not they're affected by summer temperatures, and if they are — what the amounts of beeswax I should add to them are. Baking soda absorbs odors, and you probably don't want it pre-absorbing any odors before you put it on your body. You can really use any scent you like but I think the vanilla is soft and sweet and goes well with the coconut.

This is also common in some skin types and if you have used conventional deodorant for a long time and have a build up of the chemicals from that deodorant in your skin. But now that I have been using the homemade formula, I find I hardly sweat at all!

AND theatre costume pro's use slightly water-diluted cheap VODKA to spray clothing to seriously freshen-out body odors and it is kind to most fabrics; also I used it neutralize that weird sweet-ish smell from thrift shops without leaving an odor. I have a few other articles here on HubPages of other homemade natural and organic recipes like homemade body wash, shampoo, conditioner & face wash all-in-one , homemade toothpaste , homemade mouthwash & homemade natural laundry detergent. It's dirt-cheap and next to impossible to exhaust, which means this deodorant won't crap out on you in the middle of the workday. Turns out those old lady deodorant commercials were correct - my new deodorant was apparently pH balanced for a woman not a man.

Baking POWDER, however, can contain aluminum, and that is where the confusion comes in. Apparently baking soda manufacturers were getting so tired of clarifying this to customers that they finally printed aluminum free" on the packaging. I'm going to try making some more tonight, but I'm going to halve the baking soda and replace it with bentonite clay. In those cases, we typically recommend a different formula using arrowroot powder or a milder absorbing ingredient instead of baking soda because it is not as granular," she says. I've searched for a good homemade deodorant recipe that actually works then it led me to your site.

Once they have melted together, remove from heat, and stir in the baking soda, arrow root powder and tea-tree oil. I purchased a liquid form (like baby oil consistency) from the natural section of my grocery store…but then at another store I saw a jar of it that was more of a solid. Also, if you have sensitive skin, Meow Meow Tweet offers a grapefruit-scented option that is baking soda-free (a potential underarm irritant). I really started to look into zinc for deodorants, though, when I noticed that zinc ricinoleate, a zinc salt that I had bought to prevent acne in a homemade facial cream, was also sold as a deodorant additive. Arm & Hammer doesn't work well, photo is just an example of where to pour your homemade deodorant.

Instead, I do about half the amount of tea tree/melaleuca essential oil and add two of my favorite scents: lemongrass and grapefruit essential oils. Unless someone has an allergy to alcohol, using it as a deodorant is safe for adults and young adults alike. I had a friend tell me recently that she's just been using baking soda and a tiny bit of water to make a paste and put it under her arms in the mornings and that's been working great for her. I've been using this homemade deodorant ever since I got home from the US last month. In a small sauce pan, heat the butter and wax on low just until they're melted.

For several months, I filled a rollerball deodorant container with baking soda dissolved in water. Its beneficial natural ingredients and antibacterial properties help remove oil and moisturize so well that some people permanently replace deodorant with it. I was using and loving the Tom's Calendula and for some reason they discontinued it. I've tried the lavender and the unscented and less than half way through the stick they stopped working. My underarms don't feel as suffocated" as they used to. And, now I smell like ME, instead of being so overly perfumed from the commercial deodorant. Not everyone will react the same to the ingredients found in homemade deodorants. I'd feel like that is TMI in any other context but this… For several months, the baking soda alone simply worked wonderfully to reduced all" odors.
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